Rust Proofing Stittsville

Rust Proofing Stittsville-Kanata

Welcome to our “Rust Proofing Stittsville-Kanata” page. Rust proofing your car or truck is all about protecting your Investment! Especially if you live in a city like Ottawa because we still use salt to keep our roads safe and ice free.

As your vehicle puts on more and more miles the paint job and surface coatings of your car or tuck’s metal parts give way to increased chipping. Bare metal invites rust and corrosion, so why take the chance.

“One thing about coated metal is that it’s a bit vulnerable to stone chipping. Most people, especially in Canadian winters, are driving in situations with stones and sand, and these can damage the paint and metallic coating, and leave the ferrous materials exposed to corrosion. Most vulnerable is the area inside the wheel wells, and immediately behind the wheels,” says Dr. Joseph McDermid, a professor of mechanical engineering at McMaster University.

Is Rust Proofing worth it?

The short answer is yes, here is why. Not only can it increase the resale value, which puts more money in your pocket come trade-in time, it protects the present value and appearance of your vehicle while you are still driving it.

Corroded parts can lead to mechanical failure and so your family’s safety is at issue as well. Why take the chance. If you are looking for Rust Proofing services in the Stittsville-Kanata area call and book a rust proofing appointment today!

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