Spring Tune-up


Now’s the time to prep your car for spring and summer driving. Using quality ACDelco parts such as batteries, brakes, wiper blades, belts and hoses, your ACDelco-affiliated service centre can help make sure the only wild ride you take this season is at the amusement park.

For a Spring Tune-up why not give us a call. The team here at Stittsville Automotive Services is here to help keep your vehicle running like a top.

Have the following inspections or procedures completed:

Batteries – Just because your battery survived the winter doesn’t mean it’s road-worthy. Many technicians test batteries as part of a regular vehicle check-up: If yours is more than a couple years old, ask your technician to test its strength, as well as for bad or leaking cells.

Brakes – While you’re at it, have your technician check brake pads for wear. Replacing worn pads in time can help prevent expensive damage to rotors and other brake components.

Blades – Don’t wait until the first storm to learn your wipers are wiped out. Road salt, freezing temperatures and windshield solvent punish blades. If they skip or smear the windshield, replace them.

Belts and Hoses – Broken belts and hoses are common causes of vehicle breakdowns, so get them checked. Hoses deteriorate from the inside out; your technician will look for weaknesses and bulges and check belts for splits and cracks.

Air Conditioning – Make sure your AC is tested and working and your coolant condition and level are where they should be.

Tires – Temperature changes affect tire pressure, so check it against your manufacturer’s recommendations. Improperly inflated tires can be unsafe and reduce tire life and fuel economy. Also look for cuts and bulges.

Clean House – Splurge on a hand wash and wax for your vehicle, and pay special attention to the wheel wells, where road salt collects and can possibly launch car-eating rust. Shampoo rugs, another source of rust-producing salt. Touch up door dings, address windshield chips before they get expensive and remove heavy winter survival gear from the trunk to save gas and suspension wear.


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